My neighbor, the Gator…

Alligator resting


I literally hung up on my brother a couple of days ago when I spotted my good friend Mr. Gator getting out of the water.  (I consider him a friend, obviously, since it would seem we are the only humans living in this neighborhood….Okay, fine, supposedly, we have neighbors…but I have never seen them!)

I interrupted my brother…  “Got to go!  Gator getting out of the water!”  I vaguely recall him saying, “Are you serious?” as I hit ‘end’ on my phone and bolted for my camera.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get outside in time to get photos of him crawling out of the water, but my buddy decided to rest on the bank as the sun went down.  It gets really dark here on Sanibel island, especially since there are NO street lights.  What I would give for some night camera vision! Who knows what kind of trouble that gator got into after sunset.  Of course, I do have some theories…

Sometimes, we find footprints outside our patio door in the morning.  The other night?  We heard some terrible howling…I sat up in bed, looked out into the pitch-black night, and woke Charles up.  “You hear that?  Something is getting killed out there,” I informed him.  “Yeah, I hear it,” he said, and he proceeded to go back to sleep.  Me?  I was looking out all of the windows, trying to get a glance of the Discovery Channel after dark…I mean my back yard…

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