Are you looking at me?


I saw a couple of hawks in this tree the other morning and had to stop for a few photos.  Is it me, or was one of them really looking at me?  I think these are Red-shouldered Hawks.  Hope you enjoy!  I am back to work for now!  🙂

Is it a skink or not?

Well, I thought I’d switch things up a bit and show you a tiny lizard instead of a big bad gator for once!  I took this photo near my daughter’s school the other day.  The big bad web tells me this is a blue-tailed skink.  Of course, even the internet is known to misinform me from time to time, so if you have a better name for this guy or gal, feel free to share!   Happy Saturday! 🙂

American Bald Eagle stopping for a drink…

Headed to the spring for a drink…


Is it me, or is this eagle looking right at me? 😉

This Bald Eagle didn’t seem to mind the noisy construction going on across the spring…The video is a bit shaky, but don’t be too hard on me…There are a few gators out there, boys and girls…and I was trying to multi-task.  ( Multi-tasking in this particular case means watching the eagle and making sure no one tried to take a finger or anything…)  😉

Just another day in Never Never Land…

Do I really need to label this photo??? 😉
What big teeth you have, Grandma…
“Have you had enough of this game of chicken with the gator already, Merv? X Factor comes on tonight, and I want to see what Brittany is wearing.”
This is the part where the Osprey took pity on me and let me get an action shot. 😉

I had to share all of these photos at once because I took them all at once…Just another day in Never Never Land.   I hope you’ll check out my post about recent events in Never Never Land at my other blog, “My Name is Sarah…”  Go ahead…take a look…There are scorpions involved people! 🙂  Now, it’s back to that book!  ~Sarah 🙂

The Bald Eagle is back!

I’ve said it before, and let me say it again…My Friday nights have changed significantly since becoming a mother, and even more since moving to a wildlife refuge…Here are some new photos of an American Bald Eagle…(They fly over a lot, and this is only my second time to get photos of an adult Bald Eagle.)  Take a look at who interrupted my ‘photo shoot,’ and then feel free to follow the link at the end to read the guest post on my other blog, “My Name is Sarah,” to see what the fly on my wall had to say about this particular evening… 😉

American Bald Eagle

Someone decided to cut my photo shoot of the American Bald Eagle short…

Thanks for checking out my photos of the American Bald Eagle and my pal, the gator…I was happy to get a couple of photos of this particular Eagle and so glad to see another one behind our home.  Check out the guest post by the fly on my wall here, My Name is Sarah…  As always, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Name that Bird…

I am asking for my bird peeps to help me out on this one…I have three photos of a juvenile eagle, and I wanted to say it was a juvenile Golden Eagle, but maybe it’s a juvenile Bald Eagle?  Play the name game with me, and leave a comment.  The fourth photo down is the real mystery for this writer with a camera.  😉

Juvenile Eagle…Golden or Bald? Or am I even close? Help me out experts! 😉

front view…

Okay, and switching birds but continuing with the name that bird…I took this photo of a _____ in the tree with a Pileated Woodpecker the other day, and it flew away before I could get another photo…Is it a juvenile hawk of some sort?  I know that some of you have some ideas, and I’d love to hear them! 🙂

Pileated Woodpecker & ____?
Now, this one I know is a Pileated Woodpecker. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by to play the name that bird game with me.  I hope you’ll leave me a comment below, and I’ll be happy to reply to you…Especially, if you can help me out! 😉  Now, it’s back to that novel…There is a resistance movement in the year 2050 that needs my attention…  😉



Lazy Saturday

Osprey at the beach

Rounding the corner of Cayo Costa Island
arriving to Cayo Costa Island
view from Cayo Costa Island


My family and I had quite the adventure this past weekend…We escaped the island…only to go to another island!  We took a boat out for the day and left from Captiva Island, venturing to the nearby island, (about a twenty-minute boat ride,) Cayo Costa Island.  Imagine my delight when we arrived and yours truly, bird girl, spotted an Osprey sitting in a tree on the beach.  My husband so kindly carried my camera from the boat, which was anchored chest-level off of the shore, and got it safely to the beach so I could take some pictures of the Osprey.  That Osprey didn’t move from the tree the entire time we were there.  It must have been basking in the beautiful view of a perfectly wonderful lazy Saturday.  I enjoyed it immensely…and now I know what Opsrey do on their days off.  (I can’t say that I blame them.)  😉