Kissing frogs

Would you kiss this guy???
Would you kiss this guy???

Not only is the Cuban tree frog an invasive frog in Florida, this one invaded our patio space the other day to relax by the hot tub. He gave the impression of owning the place and made no effort to move, even when my four-year-old reached out to kiss him. Fortunately, my friend, Sonja, was visiting and kept my little darling from touching…and kissing this frog. I felt slightly responsible for this near-frog-kissing-incident. I may have mentioned to the kids a time or two the story about kissing their father when he was a frog and turning him into his ‘present state,’ which is clearly a prince. 😉

Lunchtime with Osprey

Osprey with fishOsprey

I don’t know what it is about spotting Opsrey with headless fish, but I act like a kid on Christmas morning. A grin spreads across my face, my heart jumps to full speed, and immediately I abandon my vehicle, bike, or veer from the path I’m walking to snap a photo.

I am a very exciting individual, I know. 😉

This Osprey was looking around, probably annoyed I was intruding on a fresh seafood lunch. Don’t worry, I didn’t hang around long…just long enough to take a photo, smile ‘like nobody was watching,’ and to enjoy the moment…And it was a really good moment. 🙂