It’s not just a Hawk…


Ever since I can remember, I have liked hawks.  Seeing one always brings back fond memories of growing up and the umpteen times the Bird Woman, AKA Mom, almost swerved off of the road to point one out to me and my siblings.  Sure, we had a few close calls, but between the Bird Woman and our father, AKA Rambo, one thing about our youth we can all agree on:  It was never dull.  In fact, growing up with the Bird Woman and Rambo was thrilling.  You may have heard me refer to the Bird Woman by her other nickname, G.I. Jacque.  (My parents are quite dear to me, and there are countless stories to go along with how they earned these precious nicknames.)

Today, seeing the Red-shouldered Hawk sitting outside my home, I smiled and laughed.  I recalled one of the many times the Bird Woman swerved her car to point and shout, “Look at the hawk in that tree!”  As my head narrowly missed hitting the window, I remember thinking how crazy, but exciting, the Bird Woman was…

The truth is, the Bird Woman still is fun to be around.  She finds the excitement in all things, especially the little things.  To some, it might just be a hawk, or a Red-shouldered Hawk, sitting in a tree.  To me, it won’t ever just be a hawk.  It’s a lifetime of memories, full of endless excitement and adventure.  Sure, there are a few near-accidents sprinkled in along the way, but the journey wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without them, and for each one of those moments and all the hawk-spotting ones to come, I am forever grateful to the Bird Woman.

May each of you find adventure in the little things…




Taken from inside, before I ventured closer.

4 thoughts on “It’s not just a Hawk…

  1. Stunning. So majestic. I do that with my kids and grandkids. So many years ago, driving a long a road, my then tiny daughter said to my husband, “This is where we saw that ‘inchurning’ animal.” She meant interesting. I am glad I have those memories filling my aging mind!


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