Some Indiana WILDLIFE ;-)

DeerFoxFoxbirdbirdRabbitMcCloud Park forest IndianaFrogTurtle

TurtlesDucks swimming

Here are a few ‘wildlife’ photos I took while visiting family in Indiana recently.  Most of the photos were taken at my brother’s house on a lake, and the rest were taken at my Mom’s house or hiking near her home.  That fox got away before I could get a nice photo, but there is always next time.  Now that I am back in the Sunshine state, where I have already seen a couple of alligators lurking in the ponds that dot our landscape, I must admit, it was a relaxing visit to the Hoosier state…  I didn’t worry about an alligator surfacing from the depths of my brother’s lake…not even a little… and those turtles and ducks were kind of cute.  🙂

17 thoughts on “Some Indiana WILDLIFE ;-)

    1. Certainly… Most were taken on the north part of Evansville, IN, that is southern IN- where I was born and raised. A few were taken at my Mom’s place in Danville, IN -west of Indianapolis, and the ‘forest’ photo was taken even further west of Indianapolis at a park we love to hike at- McCloud State Park. That is outside of North Salem, IN. I don’t know if you are familiar with any of those areas. 🙂


  1. My family has been in Indy area since the mid 1800’s.
    I lived in Danville and Brownsburg as a child.
    Most of my huge family is still all over Indiana.
    The two pictures on my Blog posting yesterday, were taken at our annual Reunion at Lion’s Park in Cumberland, where my cousin Jack lives.
    The last place my Mom and Dad lived before they moved here to Florida permanently, was just outside Greencastle.
    Small world~


    1. It took me four attempts to get the turtle photos. They kept ‘leaping’ back into the water whenever I got close enough to get a photo if you can believe that. Either I finally learned how to ‘sneak up’ on them or they simply took pity on me and let me take their photo. I’m guessing it was pity. 🙂


  2. We are suburban Chicago, almost rural, but normally populous subdivision, Lindenhurst, Illinois. Last corner before my house last night, we just missed a collision with a deer. We were recently in South Dakota and mountain goats were browsing in parking lots. Saw antelope and Bighorn in the wild. Such a thrill for me. But why are woollies Mountain ‘Goats’ and Bighorn ‘Sheep’ don’t seem wooly at all? Must Google. Beautiful world, yes?


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