A Valentine for my Valentine, the Chef…

I couldn’t find a card I liked for my husband, so I wrote my own. 🙂

A Valentine for my Valentine, the Chef…

Tomatoes are red,
Berries are blue
You married a chef?
How lucky are you!

What is it like?
To be a chef’s wife?
Does he cook every night?
Feasts of culinary delights?

These are the questions
You all want to know,
About marriage to the chef
I met a decade ago.

So here’s part of the story
I’d like to share with you,
About a man called Chef Charles
Without further ado…

He’s a culinary genius.
But don’t take it from me.
Just Google his name,
And read heaps of flattery.

He can open a fridge
That might seem to be bare,
And impress the biggest naysayer
With courses of the finest fare.

Want to see magic?
Just watch the man cook.
He slices, flips, and creates flavors
You can’t find in any book.

He’s mastered it over time
This gift from above,
He can tell with a single taste
If it’s something his customers will love.

He’s won medal after medal
In competitions all around,
Julienne, small dice, and even Brunoise
His knife skills always astound!

Don’t mess with his amuse-bouche
His sauces or Duck Confit,
He can tourne a potato with his eyes closed.
His skills can not be beat!

Sit down for one of his chef’s tasting menus
And you’re in for a special night.
He packs flavor, happiness, and even art
Into each and every bite.

Ten years ago
I first saw this chef,
But before our introduction
I’d already lost my breathe.

He passed me in a corridor
I didn’t even know his name,
But with one glance my heart lurched to life
It would never be the same.

I had never seen or heard of him
I went home feeling stressed.
Would our paths cross again? When? How soon?
But the man up above handled the rest…

So here we are, ten years in
This chef I first saw in a hall,
Had I known then, what I know now,
I wouldn’t change a thing at all.

This chef and I, we have two gifts,
The best kind in the world,
They go by the names of Audrey and Sabrina
They’re our precious little girls.

Now they’re picky eaters, these little girls, and
They think their daddy is the best.
But it isn’t for his culinary skills
Or for being an amazing chef…

It’s for being a father they can always trust
Who will always be their man,
He’ll love them, as I do, until his last breathe
And take care of them as best he can.

Now part of the deal of being a chef’s wife,
Is understanding what they have on their plate.
They work long into the night and holidays.
You can forget having a Valentine’s date.

Though I cheerlead from a distance,
He’s always on my mind.
I’m proud of his work and his passion to create
He works diligently all of the time.

And when he’s home, we celebrate
And give him lots of hugs.
We try to make him laugh a lot,
And let him know he’s loved.

But just in case it isn’t clear
How this wife feels about her spouse,
Let me attempt, one last time,
To clear up any doubts…

Chef Mereday, since we first met
I’ve had a crush on you,
You make me smile and feel so loved
And so glad I said, “I do.”

Happy Valentine’s Day…
Love, Sarah


Sarah & Charles

And now…

Sarah & Charles

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