Dear Sister 💗✍️

I had to write my sister a little poem this morning. It was going to be an ode to my friend to the end, coffee, but then I opened the sweetest gift from Coleen. She’s the best. 🥰☕️✍️💗

A birthday poem for my sister!

A birthday poem for my sister, Coleen!


Three days before Christmas, my elder sister arrived
I’ve heard tales of you, the perfect babe, my whole life

The prettiest babe you’ve ever seen, went home in a stocking
Blue eyes, so alert, and intelligent, they wondered when you would start talking

So angelic, what a smile, the sweetest baby there ever was
She never cried, she slept at night, most definitely a gift from above

But then I came along, though an answer to your prayers
Little did you know, my dear. How could you have prepared?

I didn’t like to share you with our Mom or our Dad
When you tried to talk to them, your blonde locks I’d grab

They told me how I picked on you, and so it must be true
Then our younger brother was born, and you had to put up with two

Two kid siblings, terrorizing their perfect, older sister
You became Mom’s extra helping hands and our weekend baby sitter

We never gave our dear sibling, sweet Coleen, a break
We’d peek through the window and tease and laugh at the end of all her dates

When you finally got your license, one would think you’d have been free
But suddenly you became the chauffeur for Sammy C and me

One time on Christmas vacation I came down with the flu
But you nursed me back to health, you knew exactly what to do

And while you may have enjoyed pouring ice water on your younger sis
You spent hours bringing my fever down and you didn’t mention it

When we’ve places to go, I know who to call, you’ll always lead the way
With your sense of direction and GPS system, Siri would be amazed

You swim like a fish, your dedication has always left me impressed
You’d entertain us with high dive twists and flips I won’t forget

You understand life’s essential needs, like fresh air, beach walks, and coffee
You make me laugh with the jokes you send, you’re one of few people who get me

You’re intelligent, dependable, capable, and a good teacher
And when I need a good pep talk, you sound just like a preacher

If someone isn’t treating me right, you’re the first to come to my defense
Don’t mess with your family, you’re a sister hen, you’re not putting up with it

So on this day, as we celebrate a woman so amazing and caring
Please wish her well, but don’t try to steal her, she’s mine and I’m not sharing

Dear sister, my friend, I love you so much, I hope you’ll always remember
I adore you and thank you for being by my side, Happy Birthday, to the babe of December!


Love your favorite sister,
Sarah Lou xoxoxo



Coleen and sam and sarah



A birthday cheer for my dear brother, SAMUEL!

It’s hard to believe another year has passed, and we’re celebrating the man
He’s known as the boss, Dad, and Sam, and some call him Sam I am

I have a few nicknames for you, Baby Bro, there’s Samuel, Samantha, Sammy C.
You’re a delightful guy, the funniest I’ve met; just as kind as a person can be

They say when you were young, you were too shy to talk,
which for some might be hard to believe
You didn’t trust many, and only talked to our mom, and sometimes the dogs, and me

But you talk now, without blinking an eye,
and people love to hear what you say
When you tell a story, your enthusiasm and charm transports us miles away

You’ve always been resourceful,
meticulous, a planner, dating back to your earliest days
You hid chocolate from our parents and how could they have known their toddler son stashed Libs in the fireplace?

On the shores of Dale Hollow, you’d watch boats pass us by,
You’re a man of the woods, camping, and hikes

You’re an overachiever when it comes to most things
Like scuba diving, swimming, and skiing
Dive wrecks for fun, jumping the wake
You always make it look easy

You can fix anything, build furniture in minutes, and organize a cluttered room
Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning
No mess is too big for you

You make me laugh till it hurts,
Your humor can’t be beat
Your philosophies are one of a kind
Take the seven minute rule in regards to the life of our trusty, McDs French fry

You can quote movie lines, give a great speech, and convince others to believe in your ways,
You know the rules to Fight Club, heroic speeches from flicks, like Braveheart and Independence Day

Once upon a time, in our UE days, we lived off of microwave food
Your friends stole my drinks, my leftover pizza, and locked me out of my bathroom

Still, you were such a great roomie, you vacuumed, dusted, and organized our lives
When the neighbors came calling and saw our spotless house, they couldn’t believe their eyes

How could a college house be so neat, so polished, and smell so clean?
They’d never met a guy like Sam, 150% OCD

I’ll never forget our answering machine with your rotating entertaining cheers
People called just to listen to your latest outbound message
They never knew what they’d hear

But they knew they’d laugh, and certainly smile,
And some days that’s all a person needs
You make people happy, they look forward to talking to you,
You always deliver, indeed

You’re a family guy, who does the right thing
And you’ll always be special to me
You’re the best brother, a good listener, and above all a friend
Happy Birthday to you, Sammy C!


Grandpa and grandkids