Happy Birthday, Charles!

Here is a birthday cheer for you,
My husband, the chef, and leader of our crew…

C is for caring, culinarian, and charm
H is for handsome, hard working, and heart
A is for adoration from all who’ve had your cuisine
R is for restaurateur, the best on the scene
L is for lovable, loyal, leader, and laughter
E is for excelling at everything you go after
S is for skilled, strong, and simply the sweetest soul
M is for merry, making it happen, motivating all you know
E is for envisioning a future that inspires
R is for reaching for your dreams and desires
E is for enthusiastic, exceptional, encouraging
D is for devoted, dad, doer, and daring
A is for admired, affectionate, and amazing in all you do
Y is for is for the yes that I said when I met the younger you

I’ve run out of letters, sad I know, but there is nothing I can do,
I could go on praising and telling all about my other half, C2.
But let’s celebrate, this is your day, so without further ado,
I wish you the best year yet, I love you so, here’s to 42!



Love, Sarah


A birthday poem for my dad…

Sarah and Dad

A birthday poem for my dad…

You taught me how to scuba dive and how to water ski,
You taught us about survival skills and made me learn to buddy breathe.

You showed me how to pull a prank on unsuspecting old ladies playing cards,
You built the world’s best treehouses for me and my friends in our backyard.

“Jump in feet first, in case of logs!” you’d warn as you pushed me in the river,
And when I’d drifted ten feet from the boat you’d add, “Watch out for and sharks!” and make me shiver.

You taught me how to tackle my fears and how to say my prayers,
No matter how much our adventures scared me, Mom reminded me you were teasing, and I always knew you cared.

If I came home crying after a bad day at school or maybe a fight with a friend,
You’d smile and offer to beat someone up, immediately making me feel better again.

Whitesnake, The Cars, The Stones, CCR, and even ACDC,
You nurtured my love of classic rock and showed me what it means to be OCD.

Windex, Bleach, and Mr. Clean can be found in your favorite household stash,
You’d empty out indoor bins, putting everything in your “central outdoor trash”.

“Eat every bean and pea on your plate, and beans are the magical fruit!”
“Don’t take crap off of anyone, just give them the Standring Salute!”
“But be kind to animals and help those in need,”
Your advice was varied and interesting in deed.

When cheerleader tryouts had me too anxious to sleep, you said it’d be over with in a short while,
“You’ve got this Princess, just do your best and give them your winning smile.”

Some days you came home too tired to think, but we’d beg you to put on a show,
You’d help me with my math homework then sit down behind the drums and give us the world’s best drum solo.

It’s been years now since I’ve lived under your roof, but the memories have scarred me for life, wink wink.
Growing up with a dad like Dr. Mark, is a lot harder to sum up in a poem than you’d think.

So Dad, for your birthday on the 2nd day of June,
I want to thank you for being my dad and offer up your favorite tune…

‘We’re not gonna take it, no we ain’t gonna take it,
We’re not gonna take it, anymore….’

Sometimes when I start to have doubts or question my purpose in life,
I think of the dad who taught me to pray, to smile, and to put up a fight.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you more than I can put into words.