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The clouds come down
I lift my chin
You are here again.

~Sarah Elle Emm



In Between

I am so happy to share a poem I wrote, “In Between“, that was published on Winter Goose Publishing’s website. In Between, was written in honor of my characters Rain and Jabari from my Young-adult series, the HARMONY RUN SERIES. The final book in the series is set for release this August 2015. Follow this link to read the poem: “In Between”

As always, thanks for reading and sharing! ~Sarah

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Save your words

Save your words

My scars like to talk…

poem scars

My scars like to talk
Remind me of sin
Tell me I messed up
Time and again

Sometimes I listen
Believe every word
Their whispers become screams
I got what I deserved

I try to conceal them
To muffle their sound
Yet they continue to murmur
Wearing me down

My scars like to talk
Remind me of sin
But today, though they’re noted,
I won’t listen to them.

#poetry by Sarah Elle Emm

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