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The clouds come down
I lift my chin
You are here again.

~Sarah Elle Emm



In Between

I am so happy to share a poem I wrote, “In Between“, that was published on Winter Goose Publishing’s website. In Between, was written in honor of my characters Rain and Jabari from my Young-adult series, the HARMONY RUN SERIES. The final book in the series is set for release this August 2015. Follow this link to read the poem: “In Between”

As always, thanks for reading and sharing! ~Sarah

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Save your words

Save your words

My scars like to talk…

poem scars

My scars like to talk
Remind me of sin
Tell me I messed up
Time and again

Sometimes I listen
Believe every word
Their whispers become screams
I got what I deserved

I try to conceal them
To muffle their sound
Yet they continue to murmur
Wearing me down

My scars like to talk
Remind me of sin
But today, though they’re noted,
I won’t listen to them.

#poetry by Sarah Elle Emm

Drift with me



Glimpses Poem

#poetry #love #forgiveness #loveyourself

Soul Warmer

Soul Warmer

Poetry inspired by my daughters. #SarahElleEmm #poetry #daughters #motherhood #poems #love


Bird of Paradise Flower


you run down the leaf
of times you
scorched my skin.

Like a crystal ball
you torment me,
revealing the past,
hurts within.

Keep falling.
You can’t bring me down.
I’ve already been to the bottom.
missteps and bruises,
nothing’s easily forgotten.

But something else makes me pause,
to notice you glide down the leaf.
The mysterious way you blend into the world
yet caress the colors beneath

Reminds me of your healing touch,
how if we’d never met,
I couldn’t appreciate the good, the love,
the happiness,
the pink sunset.

I might not hug, kiss, embrace,
or linger before saying goodbye.
I might not get how sweet it is
to hold his hand in mine.

If you hadn’t traveled my cheeks before
the way you run down the leaf,
I couldn’t feel each breath,
each kiss,
each pulse connecting the beats.

descending the leaf, my face
familiar with every bend.
Without you I couldn’t fully smile.
So do what you must.
Tingle my skin.