Morning song






Bird of Paradise Flower


you run down the leaf
of times you
scorched my skin.

Like a crystal ball
you torment me,
revealing the past,
hurts within.

Keep falling.
You can’t bring me down.
I’ve already been to the bottom.
missteps and bruises,
nothing’s easily forgotten.

But something else makes me pause,
to notice you glide down the leaf.
The mysterious way you blend into the world
yet caress the colors beneath

Reminds me of your healing touch,
how if we’d never met,
I couldn’t appreciate the good, the love,
the happiness,
the pink sunset.

I might not hug, kiss, embrace,
or linger before saying goodbye.
I might not get how sweet it is
to hold his hand in mine.

If you hadn’t traveled my cheeks before
the way you run down the leaf,
I couldn’t feel each breath,
each kiss,
each pulse connecting the beats.

descending the leaf, my face
familiar with every bend.
Without you I couldn’t fully smile.
So do what you must.
Tingle my skin.






Won’t you whisper the words my soul needs to hear?

Put everything aside,

the stress,

and come near.


Tell me I’m yours

like you did years ago

when you cautioned, protected

if someone came too close.


Tell me I’m pretty

there’s no one but me.

It’s petty, I know it

just say something please.


Hold me so close

I can’t hardly breathe.

Close the distance between us,

say something sweet.


I don’t care if you don’t mean it

You know what to say.

Try to remember that time

far away.


Nothing could stop you from grabbing me tight

we were younger, impatient

unwearied by life.


I’m older and different

in some ways, it’s true.

But that girl is still there

and still in love with you.


So put down the phone,

the people, your list.

Don’t walk away.

Just give me a kiss.


Don’t hesitate.

Put your lips to my ear,

and whisper the words

my soul needs to hear.



Backyard Blooms

Bird of paradise



Bird of paradise

Look for the bee in the center…

flower with bee


My mind races a lot.  Things to do, story ideas, the need to create…and keeping up with my kids.  This, is generally at the forefront of my thoughts.  Things like, “Where did I hide the step ladder again from my five-year-old?”  “Where is my five-year-old, and what is she up to this time?”  “Why are the tape, scissors, and glue missing again, and WHAT did they ‘create’ that will require calling a licensed contractor to fix?”

And then there is the general confusion I suffer from…Trying not to call Audrey, “Sabrina” and Sabrina, “Audrey”… Usually, I settle with “Ausbrina”, and they both respond, “Mommy!  You’re SO silly.”  I try to act like I meant to call them that and laugh it off.  “Oh, yes, I’m so silly,” I reply.

Sometimes, I step outside to clear my head.  Don’t worry, I bring the kids with me.  It always refreshes me to look at the pretty colors around my yard…especially the Birds of Paradise flowers.  Their simply beauty makes me smile.  I go back inside feeling more relaxed, thinking happy thoughts, and mentally refreshed.  Sometimes, you just need some fresh air… and backyard blooms.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d better see what Ausbrina and Ausbrina are up to… 😉

Ain’t No Sunshine…


I was beginning to think the sun would never shine again in the Sunshine State.  It has been raining for weeks!  Literally, every time I walk my dog, Bill Withers, “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”  plays over and over in my head.  I know the song has NOTHING to do with the rain, but I can’t help how my mind works.  Gloomy, cloudy, rainy weather is upon us, and as I walk my dog through the sunless streets, a classic tune accompanies each step, somehow making me smile through the cloud cover.  I love that song.

My local meteorologist has a keen sense of humor, at least that’s what I’m hoping it is, because he has promised that the rain will continue…until…OCTOBER 15th!!  Hello, Sunshine State, what is your problem?

Well, today I was singing my tune, walking my dog, when suddenly the clouds parted… Just when I thought I would lose my mind from the cloudy skies, the sun graced us with some rays.  I wanted to capture the sun shining on the plumeria blooms in my yard…just in case my dear, local weatherman is accurately predicting the summer forecast.  If it is going to rain, rain, and rain some more, hopefully, this glimpse of the sun and the photos of the plumeria basking in the rays will hold me over.  😉  (And one of my favorite songs, of course…)  Enjoy! 🙂

After the Rain…

After the rain…

Feel free to tell me what kind of flowering plant this is…Like I always say, I am just a woman with a camera…I like the way the bright pink petals glistened more than usual after a light rain shower…Made me smile…

Alligators in the Sunshine State

Gator cruising behind our home
This is as close as the big chicken would get. (Chicken being yours truly.)

The Sunshine State is home to the alligator, and people let me tell you, I see alligators every single day.  No exaggeration here.   The weird part is, I actually look forward to seeing a gator.  The baby ones are a little less intimidating.  Well, they were until I watched a Gator Boys episode…The Gator Boys informed me that the smaller gators, only a foot long, can take a pinky finger off.  I don’t now about you, but I like my pinky finger!  (I happen to like all of my fingers and other limbs as well.)  So, yes, I will accept the fact that I live in Gatorville, and yes, I look forward to seeing the gators, but I will only venture out near their water-dwelling on occasion.  (Sometimes this is difficult as the flowers blooming out there are so beautiful.)  And chances are good that I will continue to hide behind this tree, like I did to take these photos…I don’t honestly think the alligators are interested in me as a bite to eat.  (Seriously, I am not very sweet.)  But I ‘d like to play it safe just in case…