Some Indiana WILDLIFE ;-)

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TurtlesDucks swimming

Here are a few ‘wildlife’ photos I took while visiting family in Indiana recently.  Most of the photos were taken at my brother’s house on a lake, and the rest were taken at my Mom’s house or hiking near her home.  That fox got away before I could get a nice photo, but there is always next time.  Now that I am back in the Sunshine state, where I have already seen a couple of alligators lurking in the ponds that dot our landscape, I must admit, it was a relaxing visit to the Hoosier state…  I didn’t worry about an alligator surfacing from the depths of my brother’s lake…not even a little… and those turtles and ducks were kind of cute.  🙂

Kissing frogs

Would you kiss this guy???
Would you kiss this guy???

Not only is the Cuban tree frog an invasive frog in Florida, this one invaded our patio space the other day to relax by the hot tub. He gave the impression of owning the place and made no effort to move, even when my four-year-old reached out to kiss him. Fortunately, my friend, Sonja, was visiting and kept my little darling from touching…and kissing this frog. I felt slightly responsible for this near-frog-kissing-incident. I may have mentioned to the kids a time or two the story about kissing their father when he was a frog and turning him into his ‘present state,’ which is clearly a prince. 😉

Heron and the Frog

Heron having frog for supper
Frog legs anyone?

The animals in my neighborhood do a FANTASTIC job of keeping me entertained.  I saw this Great Blue Heron land, catch a frog, and have a bite to eat.  We have Gray Herons and Great Blue Herons here, and you will give yourself a headache trying to read about the differences between the two, so let me admit that I am only 99% certain this is the Great Blue, which according to my collection of trusty bird books, is the larger of the two, with gray-blue plumage.  In any case, it IS a Heron, and that IS a frog in it’s mouth.  The circle of life at it’s best…right outside my window.  Who needs the Discovery Channel?  NOT me.  🙂


Hiding on the Bird of Paradise Flower

Green tree frog on Bird of Paradise flower


I started off wanting to take a photo of this beautiful Bird of Paradise flower, but when I got closer, I noticed the tiny green tree frog.  I think it is pretty cute for a frog, especially, when compared to some of the other frogs that I see around here, (such as the much larger Cuban tree frog.)