Ain’t No Sunshine…


I was beginning to think the sun would never shine again in the Sunshine State.  It has been raining for weeks!  Literally, every time I walk my dog, Bill Withers, “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”  plays over and over in my head.  I know the song has NOTHING to do with the rain, but I can’t help how my mind works.  Gloomy, cloudy, rainy weather is upon us, and as I walk my dog through the sunless streets, a classic tune accompanies each step, somehow making me smile through the cloud cover.  I love that song.

My local meteorologist has a keen sense of humor, at least that’s what I’m hoping it is, because he has promised that the rain will continue…until…OCTOBER 15th!!  Hello, Sunshine State, what is your problem?

Well, today I was singing my tune, walking my dog, when suddenly the clouds parted… Just when I thought I would lose my mind from the cloudy skies, the sun graced us with some rays.  I wanted to capture the sun shining on the plumeria blooms in my yard…just in case my dear, local weatherman is accurately predicting the summer forecast.  If it is going to rain, rain, and rain some more, hopefully, this glimpse of the sun and the photos of the plumeria basking in the rays will hold me over.  😉  (And one of my favorite songs, of course…)  Enjoy! 🙂