They float across the quiet waters,
rays of sunshine warm their skin.
The breeze guides the tiny boat,
leaves rustling nearby sing their hymn.

He holds her in his arms,
intertwined, they drift along.
Lazy smiles, two souls complete,
Nothing, anywhere, could possibly be wrong.

~Sarah Elle Emm

Drift with me


Sunset Celebration










‘Sunset Celebration’ by Sarah Elle Emm

We’ve come to bask in your majesty.
Arms stretching,
Fingertips reaching,
To feel the warmth of your kiss.

We celebrate this day
With our feet dancing in the sand,
Confident we lived it to the fullest,
Grateful you were witness.

We venture closer to you, and cool water chills our toes,
Sending echoes of laughter and gratitude your way.
Twirling, smiling, humming, running on the shore,
We let it all out.

As your flaming power descends, out of our view,
We sigh, fully spent with thankful hearts.
At peace.
We gave this day our all.

Your trail of pink hues fades away before us, and we bid you goodnight.
Sleep will come easy now.
A new dawn will lift us up soon enough.
And we’ll be ready to dance in your glory again.

Egret Entertainers

snowy egret

Snowy Egrets

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Meet a pair of snowy egret entertainers, if you will.  My mother was visiting recently, and we watched as these two stealth-like creatures took bait from a fisherman’s bucket… when he wasn’t looking.  They were quite comical, these two, and had my mom laughing for a good hour.  I enjoyed the show as well but didn’t want to give them away to the fisherman, so I waited patiently to photograph them when he was packing up to leave.

It was quite nice to watch the birds with Mom, especially considering the peacefulness of the afternoon.  The first half of my life includes a movie reel of near collisions and off-road adventure thanks to Mom excitedly pointing at birds along the drive.  Inheriting the bird watching trait was inevitable, though I prefer to watch birds from a stationary position myself.   😉

My little ol’ plan…

Little Blue HeronLittle Blue Heron

I love when I find time to go for a quiet, morning walk.  I try to plan ahead so water, one form or another, will be on my route.  Of course, I can only do so much planning.  I can put the bay, a pond, or the ocean on my route, but I can’t plan what might be awaiting me in that water.  Finding this Little Blue Heron fishing for a morning snack sure brought a smile to my face.  I don’t know how his breakfast plans worked out since I only paused for a moment and didn’t want to intrude, but if making me smile was somehow part of the master plan of my life, I certainly did appreciate the role of this heron.  And, I think I’ll keep ‘walking to the water’ as part of my little ol’ plan. 😉

Lazy Saturday

Osprey at the beach

Rounding the corner of Cayo Costa Island
arriving to Cayo Costa Island
view from Cayo Costa Island


My family and I had quite the adventure this past weekend…We escaped the island…only to go to another island!  We took a boat out for the day and left from Captiva Island, venturing to the nearby island, (about a twenty-minute boat ride,) Cayo Costa Island.  Imagine my delight when we arrived and yours truly, bird girl, spotted an Osprey sitting in a tree on the beach.  My husband so kindly carried my camera from the boat, which was anchored chest-level off of the shore, and got it safely to the beach so I could take some pictures of the Osprey.  That Osprey didn’t move from the tree the entire time we were there.  It must have been basking in the beautiful view of a perfectly wonderful lazy Saturday.  I enjoyed it immensely…and now I know what Opsrey do on their days off.  (I can’t say that I blame them.)  😉





The pond chicken and candy corn…

Common Moorhen

The first time I saw a Common Moorhen swimming in Alligator Lagoon, (the dipping pool behind my patio,) I did a double-take.  And then another.  I had never seen this bird before and had no idea what it was.  They show up very often.  After searching through my stack of wildlife books, I identified this bird.  I now know it is a member of the rail family, and it has a name: the Common Moorhen, also known as the ‘pond chicken.’  And here I thought I was the only chicken near that pond.  I was relieved to read one description of this bird use the phrase, ‘candy-corn bill,’ after I had assured Mom over the phone, (the bird woman,) that the bill reminded me of candy-corn.  Mom got to see what bird I was talking about when she came to visit me, and she technically was the one who helped solve this candy-corned-bird mystery if you want to know the truth.  It’s a good thing.  I would have called it the candy-corned duck if she hadn’t helped me.  This is, ‘the big pond chicken’ signing off…  😉

Alligators in the Sunshine State

Gator cruising behind our home
This is as close as the big chicken would get. (Chicken being yours truly.)

The Sunshine State is home to the alligator, and people let me tell you, I see alligators every single day.  No exaggeration here.   The weird part is, I actually look forward to seeing a gator.  The baby ones are a little less intimidating.  Well, they were until I watched a Gator Boys episode…The Gator Boys informed me that the smaller gators, only a foot long, can take a pinky finger off.  I don’t now about you, but I like my pinky finger!  (I happen to like all of my fingers and other limbs as well.)  So, yes, I will accept the fact that I live in Gatorville, and yes, I look forward to seeing the gators, but I will only venture out near their water-dwelling on occasion.  (Sometimes this is difficult as the flowers blooming out there are so beautiful.)  And chances are good that I will continue to hide behind this tree, like I did to take these photos…I don’t honestly think the alligators are interested in me as a bite to eat.  (Seriously, I am not very sweet.)  But I ‘d like to play it safe just in case…

Alligator had a rough night?

Rough night? Early morning photo of gator ‘resting’ on bank…This guy needs some coffee.
Or maybe this gator isn’t tired…He or she is deciding what to have for breakfast?


Hot coffee in my cup, I strolled over to look out of my dining room window and was about to take my first sip of my life-line when I spotted this alligator on the bank.  I set the coffee down.  I grabbed my camera.  “What have we got going on this morning, backyard pals?”  I asked to no one in particular.

At first, I thought…Wow, this gator looks like it had a rough night, sitting motionless on the edge of the bank.  After a moment, however, I spotted a White Ibis getting closer to the bank, and I fought the urge to yell out the door.  “Fly, fly away!  There is a gator waiting for you, buddy!”

The gator was motionless for a few minutes on the bank.  I turned away from the window when my daughter walked up behind me, and when I glanced out the window a moment later, the gator and the bird were gone…

I’m not really sure how the scene unfolded, but I’ll let you decide for yourself…

Alligator saying hello?

Look who said hello while I was taking photos of some birds.
This was close enough for me.

Imagine the jump-start my heart got when Mr. Gator popped up in my peripheral vision as I snapped photos of some birds across the spring…  It was time for me to go back inside anyways.  Ha.  I’m starting to think he, (or she,) likes me.  Ha, ha, ha.  What do you think?